VPN Addon value added service

 Wednesday, August 25, 2021

We announces start from 8 August 2021, we provide each server plan to you built in with Value Added Service called VPN Addon.

What is VPN Addon?

This is FREE service to all clients. With this feature you create L2TP VPN Client Connection on your PC or gadget and build connection to your own server provided by us. You can use this VPN for secure browsing, and unblocked access to a website which blocked in your country.

Pro & Cons About VPN Addon


Dont need browsing on your VPS directly, you can connect your L2TP VPN to your server and browsing with internet infrastructure provide by your server.


This L2TP connection will impacted to memory and processor usage of your server. Best performance we recommend you choose minimum server with 2 vCPU and 4 GB memory. 

What You Need To Do To Use Our VPN Addon?

To use our FREE VPN Addon, you just need to create L2TP VPN Client in your personal computer or notebook or gadget which support VPN connection.

Read this guide:

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