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  • Unlimited Commissions
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Lead Commissions
  • Multi-layer Commission
  • Ready Marketing Banners
  • Rewards Performance
  • Real-time Sales Tracking
  • Support Tracking ID (TID)





1. Register as Affiliate

Our affiliate program hosted in, you need to register there but dont need to have account.

2. Unique Affiliate ID

Once you are approved as affiliate, you can copy your affiliate URL, banner promotion also create custom affiliate URL with tracking ID in your affiliate dashboard.

3. Tracking Your Sales

Spread your affiliate URL through your website, social media, ads, etc. You will able to track your sales in your dashboard.

Why affiliates join us?

Meet the affiliate program team.

Our affiliate team will help you on your affiliate journey. Once you become a partner, these friendly folks will become your new bffs. The kind of bffs that help you with your affiliate account and get you earning $$ fast, that is. Our dedicated & highly experienced team will answer your questions and offer advice whenever you need. So nice to meet ya, future affiliate friend. We hope to talk soon.

Nothing to lose.

Partnering with Gainserver is a win-win: we get more business, you get more cash. And to make your side of things incredibly easy, we've spent a five years building up a reputation that speaks for itself.

On top of that, a partnership with us means enjoying a generous pay structure. For example, let's say you were to send 20 signups our way in a given month for dedicated server plans with price 189USD/mo. At the start level you will get 13%. So you will be paid 20* 13% * 189USD ... equaling a whooping 491.4USD.

Then 20 clients you are referring still using our services, when they are pay their invoice next month, you will be paid the same above...Not too shabby for just displaying an ad on your site.

Register as Affiliate via Ticket
Got questions? Well, we've got answers.

The Affiliate Program for is a way to earn money while you refer customers to Gainserver from your website, social media, blog, etc.

If you are interested in joining the program, it's free and easy! You can learn more and apply HERE.

AffiliatX is the technology and affiliate tracking platform that we use to host our affiliate program. Here you can see reports, earnings, links/banners, tracking id and receive important announcements for the program

Our standard turnaround for payments is once a month.

We also have a minimum threshold for payment processing. We pay affiliates who have reached our minimum $100.00 account balance. If you account balance hasn't met the payout guideline of $100.00, it will carry over from month-to-month until it does. The first month it hits the $100.00 balance mark, you will be paid.

There is no limit on your earnings. All though, you will be paid for your every legitimate sale.

The application process is fairly quick, easy and FREE! You can find the link to start the application process HERE.

We aim to approve applications after a manual review in about 48hrs during normal business hours/non-holidays. For speed up approval, make sure to response quickly our message. Our affiliate manager will contact by WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype. Make sure you have one of them.

We require that applications are submitted with a functioning URL that has relevant content and seems to have some reasonable amounts of traffic driven to the site to ensure that both the affiliate and Gainserver have a mutually beneficial partnership.

These are up to our affiliate team's discretion.

Yes, we offer plans as recurring commissions and commission per leads.

You can create passive income through Our affiliate program if clients you are referring is still using our services.

You will need to login to your affiliate account and there may be a tab for links/banners/ads or there may be a generic link on your dashboard page. We are constantly having sales, updated creative or promotions so please make sure you are also opted into receiving our promo newsletters and announcements.

If you have any questions please contact us at

We track referrals via affiliate links, tracking id (tid) and custom coupon codes. You're welcome to use either! These are will result in a credited sale when the signup meets all the terms and conditions.