Terms of Service

I. Service renewals and trials

A. Customer Service

Gainserver Customer Service is available 7 days a week to assist with all requests. We can be reached via Live Chat, by support ticket, or directly via email at support@gainserver.com. We also provide Whatsapp & Telegram number for fast response, we recommend to use this for fast response.

We aim to answer customer support queries within 1 to 5 hours of their receipt (during weekdays), and to resolve each issue fully within 6 to 72 hours (depending on the complexity of the request). All replies by Gainserver staff are logged in the Customer Portal, which you can visit to view the status of your open tickets. Issues and inquiries received via email will be automatically received by the help desk, and tracked like normal tickets.

Customers are invited to communicate with Gainserver Customer Service as a general concierge service, beyond the scope of technical support concerns. We welcome all questions and suggestions, and our staff will always make a full effort to accommodate your requests.

B. Technical Support

Gainserver employs Technical Support Engineers to assist with all incoming technical support requests, Levels I-III. When lodging technical support requests, please be descriptive of the issue(s) you have encountered, and describe any relevant error messages, screenshots, or attempted solutions. This will help us provide the most efficient service possible.

Technical Support is equipped to handle emergency requests at all times. In the event of a critical issue that requires immediate resolution, simply choose "Priority: High" when submitting your ticket.

Issues requiring the attention of Technical Support may be submitted via any of the channels listed above (live chat, support ticket, or email).

II. 99.99% Service Availability Guarantee

The backbone of Gainserver's service is a commitment to service availability, which benefits the performance of financial market-facing applications. To support this commitment, Gainserver provides the following service level guarantees, and observes the following schedule of penalties when service level guarantees are breached.

Gainserver guarantees that services hosted on our networks will be available more than 99.99% of the time in a given calendar month. Availability is defined as the ability of an external system or user to communicate with services hosted on our networks via web, ICMP, RDP, or another protocol.

Maintenance window opens Friday evenings at 10-11pm GMT and closes Sunday 9-10pm GMT. During these maintenance periods services may experience brief interruptions as we maintain our network and servers.

A. Infrastructure & Resource Availability

Each VPS system provided by Gainserver includes a "quota" for the usage of memory, processor, and other host system resources. Gainserver guarantees that the quotas specified for each VPS plan will be made available to the customer, and will consider unavailability of said resources to contribute to the calculation of service unavailability.

Gainserver takes proactive measures to guarantee the redundancy of its hardware systems. Nonetheless, unavailability caused by hardware failures, host server crashes, and related spontaneous incidents will be compensated by the SLA.

B. Network Availability

Service unavailability resulting from network unavailability will be compensated by the SLA only if such network unavailability was caused by the negligence of Gainserver, or by failure of systems directly administered by Gainserver. As a provider of Internet services, Gainserver relies on a number of bandwidth providers (ISPs) to provide connectivity to customer end-points. Outages on these providers' networks, which may temporarily prevent customers from accessing services, or may even prevent outgoing connections from Gainserver's networks and systems, will not be compensated by the SLA.

C. Scheduled of Routine Maintenance

While Gainserver's systems are designed to accommodate hot-swappable components and live maintenance, situations may arise in the general course of systems maintenance that require temporary downtime of customer services. Gainserver will do everything possible to schedule on weekends or other times with minimal trading activity, and will announce scheduled maintenance to all customers in advance. Scheduled maintenance is not included under the terms of the SLA.

III. Downtime Compensation Procedure

Customers who record a significant amount of service unavailability (downtime) may report it to Gainserver Customer Service and request a service credit as compensation.

In the event of a breach of service availability, each 1 hour of unavailability will be compensated with a credit equal to 5% of the most recent payment made by the customer. Unavailability amounting to less than 1 hour will be pro-rated at the same rate. The maximum amount of service credit provided in a billing period will be 100% of the billing period's subscription fees.

Requests for service unavailability credits should be submitted to the Billing department via support ticket or email, and must be submitted within 30 days of the reported outage to be eligible for credit. Upon receipt of downtime reports, Gainserver will review information submitted by the customer, and provide a service credit if appropriate.

Service credits are provided in the form of account credits, which may be applied to any invoice generated by Gainserver for a new or existing service, upgrade, or one-time fee. Service credits are not cash equivalents, cannot be withdrawn or deposited to a PayPal account, and cannot be transferred among customer accounts.

IV. Limitations

While Gainserver continuously monitors the status of its networks, and the physical hosts located there, it does not monitor the status of individual applications used by its customers. The guarantees provided by this SLA are meant to encompass large-scale outages caused by system failures and network unavailability, and do not apply to any particular software or services running inside the customers's server, nor to a server's Operating System.

Guarantees made by this SLA do not apply in any situation where downtime is caused by, or could have been prevented by, the customer.

Guarantees made by this SLA do not apply in circumstances where downtime has been caused by forces beyond the Company's control, for example carrier outages and natural disasters.

V. Escalation

If you are concerned with the quality of services provided by Gainserver, or if you are unable to receive a resolution to an issue that is guaranteed by this SLA, please contact Gainserver's staff manager at okamahendra@gainserver.com regarding your concerns. We will do everything possible to assist you immediately, and make amends for any breach of service. Please direct any emergency requests to Gainserver Customer Service and Technical Support.

VI. Amendments

This Agreement may be amended, from time to time, at the discretion of Gainserver. Gainserver will notify customers of any changes to this agreement.