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Small - Medium Business

Uninterrupted cloud vps for trading business.

Discover unparalleled performance and reliability with our advanced Forex Cloud Server. Designed specifically for the forex market, our servers offer lightning-fast processing and robust uptime to keep you ahead of the competition. Equipped with the latest tools, our technology simplifies your trading operations, letting you focus on winning strategies. Designed to smoothly handle up to 25 MetaTrader terminals simultaneously. Ideal for serious traders who demand efficiency and reliability, our solution provides the power you need to manage multiple trades without missing a beat.

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$ 14.99 USD /mo
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Small - Medium Business

Baremetal Trading Server

High Business Activity

Full Managed Service Baremetal Dedicated Server Forex With Dedicated Engineer

Get the whole box to yourself, all hardware resources on your Baremetal Forex Server are allocated to you. You literally have an entire server inside a rack at one of our data centers allocated for your needs and your needs only. Highly recommended to run more than 30 up to 150 terminals simultaneously. Baremetal is the pinnacle of performance in today's market

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High Business Activity

You need stable forex server

Forex is the largest financial market in the world, with the amounts exchanged daily above $5 trillion. You can also negotiate 24/7. Moreover, currency speculation is a trading activity that requires responsiveness and speed. Especially, if you are using robot trading or expert advisor. This makes Forex a very liquid and volatile activity to be involved in.

With this in mind, you need to monitor the exchange rates between currency pairs (e.g. EUR/USD). The latest fluctuations in the market can suddenly change its value. Forex remains flexible, because you can position yourself as a buyer or seller — so a stable server solution with low latency to your forex broker is an excellent asset.

Our features
Best cloud infrastructure

Our servers, powered by the latest cloud computing technology, guarantee exceptional uptime, ensuring your trading never skips a beat. With cutting-edge infrastructure, including NVMe storage and DDR4 memory, plus essential trading technologies, our servers are equipped to provide you with the speed, reliability, and efficiency necessary for successful trading.

Pre-Installed MetaTrader

Step into the future of trading with our servers, which come pre-installed with MetaTrader 4 and 5 in a portable mode configuration. Designed for power, responsiveness, and ease of backup, our setup ensures you can start trading immediately with the utmost efficiency. Lightweight yet powerful, our servers simplify your trading operations, allowing you to focus on what really matters—your trades.

Single Threading Technology

Recognizing the crucial role of MetaTrader in your trading success, we’ve engineered our servers with an integrated single threading system within the portable MetaTrader setup. This innovation is proven to reduce your processor usage by up to 30% while running MetaTrader, enhancing performance and ensuring faster, more efficient trading operations.

Performance Alert Monitor

Not only have we optimized server performance for seamless trading, but we’ve also enhanced your interaction with our servers through an integrated performance monitor. This cutting-edge feature keeps you informed about the status of your server directly through your gadget via WhatsApp and Telegram. Receive real-time updates and alerts, ensuring you're always in control and can react swiftly to any changes.

100% Automated MetaTrader System

Achieve unparalleled efficiency with our servers, enabling you to run MetaTrader applications that are 100% fully recoverable. Our systems are designed to automatically launch upon startup and include the exclusive MetaKeeper tool, which ensures a continuous and secure connection between your MetaTrader account and your broker's server. Never worry about downtime or disconnections again.

Closed To Your Broker

Gain the competitive edge with our advanced server technology, which provides access to multiple data centers strategically located to ensure your MetaTrader connection is as close as possible to your broker’s server. This proximity minimizes latency, maximizes speed, and enhances the reliability of your trading transactions.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Our server optimized with 250Mbps - 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth by default. You can upgrade public bandwidth up to 4 Gbps unmetered & guaranteed in some dedicated plans. This means you can host solutions or applications that require high throughput for your trading activity.

Hacking Protections

Trade with confidence knowing our servers are fortified with cutting-edge security measures to protect against DDoS and Brute Force attacks. We understand the importance of security in trading environments, and our robust protection ensures your operations are safe from the most common and disruptive cyber threats.

Full-Managed Support

Our dedicated engineers are ready to assist with all your needs. Just share your business requirements, and we'll deliver the tailored services you need to succeed.

Our addons
Webhook API

Are you ready for a revolution in notification delivery? Transform how your team communicates and reacts to real-time data with our Webhook API. Connect your favorite platforms—from WhatsApp to Telegram—and enjoy the convenience of receiving operational alerts directly on your devices.


Unlock a world of secure connectivity with our expertly designed L2TP VPN server. Ideal for those who demand privacy and protection, our VPN server allows you to establish a secure connection using a VPN client from your personal computer.

Weekly Backup

Don't let data loss disrupt your business! Introducing our Weekly Backup feature, a crucial safeguard designed to protect the vital data on your server. With automated weekly backups, you can ensure that all your essential information is securely archived, no matter what happens.

Dedicated Engineer
Transition smoothly to superior performance with our dedicated engineering team ready to assist you in migrating your business from your old server to our new, advanced servers. We don’t just stop at migration; we also customize your setup by installing any additional programs you need to optimize your trading operations.

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