Added pre-installed Metatrader 4 & How to duplicate?

 Monday, August 30, 2021

We are a server provider which now focuses on delivering the best server especially for trading trying to give more added service day by day.

One of the most requested clients is a pre-installed trading platform on our server. Currently we develop an OS bundle with pre-installed Metatrader 4. Here is where you can find it.


  1. Access your Gainserver VPS Trader or Dedicated Server through RDP.
  2. In the desktop, you will find a folder shortcut with the name ‘METATRADER4’. Open it.
  3. We have added only two Metatrader 4, then you can copy that with a simple way if you need more.


How to copy/duplicate Metatrader 4?

Before you run more Metatrader on your server, bear in mind that you need to make sure your server specification fully covers your activities. If you fail on this, your server could be overloaded then more problems will occur (bad performance- slow, hang, etc). If you are NEWBIE on how to avoid this. Just follow our recommendation click here!


Step by step to copy your Metatrader 4 Installation


  1. Open Windows File Explorer by right click on Windows Menu, then click ‘File Explorer’.
  2. Click on Drive C: then double-click \Program Files (x86).
  3. Then your File Explorer location now in C:\Program Files (x86). Find Folder ‘METATRADER’. Then copy this folder in this same location, then rename the result with your broker-name.
  4. Open that new folder, right-click on file terminal.exe, choose ‘Send to’ then choose ‘Desktop (create a shortcut)’.
  5. Back to Desktop, then rename the new ‘terminal - Shortcut’ with your ‘broker-name-tradingsystemname’.
  6. Lastly drag that new shortcut to move that shortcut to folder ‘METATRADER’.


See video below:

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